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Cars for Christ Automotive Assistance Program Application

Cars for Christ operates this program as a faith ministry to help God's people.

The application has two parts. The first part of the form has two pages and consists of your personal information. You are asked family, personal and financial information to determine the need. The first form requests a fax number to send a confidential evaluation form to your pastor.

The second part of the application is an evaluation to be filled out by your pastor. He is to then return the completed evaluation directly to us, and you are not to see it. Your pastor will be asked church related information about you to help us determine the most deserving applicants. If the form is not sent to us directly from your pastor, you will not be considered.

This program is targeted to help needy deserving Christian individuals. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that "God is a rewarder of the diligent seeker". As such to be considered you must be diligent seeker. It is expected that most persons approved to receive a car will have faithfully attended church for at least a year, be involved in that church and tithe to that church.

The forms must be filled out completely, clearly and honestly. Any form not completely filled out will not be considered. Any intentional error on the form will remove a candidate from consideration. A $25 dollar non-refundable fee is required to perform a credit check that you must agree to. Even a "free" car has costs, and we hope to make certain those who receive a vehicle can handle their blessing. We will consider your current situation when looking at your credit rating. Bad credit may not eliminate you from consideration if there is a good reason for it. You may also be asked to allow us to verify your employment.

We will not take applications filled out by third parties. If you would like to apply for consideration, you must fill out the application yourself.

Please allow us time to evaluate your application. You will be notified of our decision as soon as possible. Should you be approved, you will be contacted by phone. Please do not call us. If you receive a car, you will receive it for no cost. You will be responsible for transferring the title and for providing insurance on the vehicle. There will be no warranty of any kind on the vehicle. It will be given to you as is. There may be repairs needed, and if so they will be your responsibility.

If you are given a vehicle, we will ask that you help us continue this program to help other people, as your situation improves. This would be on a completely voluntary basis.

We expect the requests for vehicle assistance will greatly outnumber the available vehicles. Should we not be able to help you, do not take it personally. It does not necessarily mean that your pastor gave you a poor evaluation, or that we consider you as unworthy. This may mean God just has a better way to help you in this regard, we do not have a vehicle available at this time or there were other more pressing needs to meet.

In any case, remember the Lord is rewarder of those who diligently and faithfully seek Him.

Because of Christ,

Gene Stensaker,

Manager, Cars for Christ